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Astronomic Time Switches

Minimising energy losses with one simple installment. Schedule your energy grid according to your needs with our controlling components to improve and sustain the efficiency.

Electric Panels

Address any power distribution and protection needs with state of the art LV Distribution and Compensation Panels, Renewable Energy Collecting Panels and Custom Production Panels.

Monitoring and Control Systems for Energy and Infrastructure

The monitoring and control solutions for energy, gas and water distribution systems provide you the ability to have direct access to the consumers for live monitoring, collect data from site and analyze the data in order to make decisions related with your distribution grid.

Internet of Things

Any object that you prefer is now can be developed to access the internet and then communicate with other objects and together they become smart, remote controllable and traceable systems.

Renewable Energy Projects

Backstopping on the fields of project management, engineering, and consulting services for Renewable Energy Investments as well as with the effective investment strategies to expand your business to local and international energy markets.


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Binding each component of the energy and infrastructure grids to standalone integrated systems.


Designing projects and solutions to provide support for you to achieve your strategic objectives.


Providing after sales services which requires technical support to sustain the satisfaction of our customers.


Improving the conventional products and systems with an innovative perspective to make them catch the present.