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Çağdaş Pano

ÇAĞDAŞ PANO, a company that includes production and handling services with a standing information and experience started its missions in energy sector in 1993. Since putting their name in the market, Çağdaş Pano, as an industry led company, is contributing to the country’s economy with an objective to satisfy the customers’ needs before and after the sales.

Since its foundation, ÇAĞDAŞ PANO became a company that produces wide range of products and achieves near-zero defect production in 7500 m2 area and its work capacity has been increasing every year.

Nowadays, coming out from national dimensions and gaining global dimensions with research and development studies, Çağdaş Pano increasing its number of employed staff, equipped machines progressing with the last technologies. With these innovations in product activities the objective is to decrease the mistakes and risk factories from people until the minimum level and increase the job security.

As the competition conditions are brought up to the international level, ÇAĞDAŞ PANO is increasing it R&D studies together with its number of qualified personnel and renewing its machinery equipment in parallel to the latest technological developments. Thanks to these innovations, the company is also minimizing the human error and increasing the importance of the labor and worker safety.

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VHS Elektronik

VHS Electronics &Software has been established by engineers whom served in the industry for many years. It was established to provide the fastest solutions by creating innovative and superior SCADA equipment, energy management, automatic meter reading (AMR system) systems and to develop cost-effective reliable system solutions with the help of these systems customer’s needs are fully met.

VHS undertook important projects with ground-breaking industry-first characteristics and above conventional standards products in a short time. The company takes strength from R & D activities and have the flexibility to offer the clients and business partners; software, hardware or turnkey solutions according to project requirements. Products, that are both marketed in the domestic and overseas markets are being developed and produced entirely with their own resources.

The company is headquartered in Ankara. With its specialized technical personnel and dynamic staff who closely follow every moment with emerging technologies is available at any moment and anywhere in Turkey.

As of 2014, VHS has granted distributorship of ADD GRUP in Turkey which is a global brand of electricity meters and PLC communication.

VHS has ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, customer satisfaction is a top priority in its products and services. With its patented products, wide range of hardware and software systems provide flexible and special solutions for consumer needs.

Piotar logo

PIOTAR Corporation progressing with an experienced team which has all of the technical disciplines required in its own field in order to provide successful products and services to customers with Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Business Development and Innovation Unit, Product Management, Project Engineering and Administrative Units.

PIOTAR progressively operates by studying the past and present so to design the future. Considering that it is an actual requirement of the communication among the machines (things) today, it will not be able to transform the markets instantly for that requirement. However, like in every practice, the companies which shape the future will be the ones which will analyze the requirements of future then act accordingly. PIOTAR was established by the professionals who aims to shape the future and the future will be shaped by Smart Things (ST) which are shaped by PIOTAR.

PIOTAR aims at improving local resource utilization via technology, contribute to he national and international economy, injecting the concepts of high-tech and innovation into the products of business partners so they can compete in international market, emphathising with those business partners to strengthen bond until become the “same company” with themselves.

GY Grup

GY GRUP, which was founded in 2003 to provide services in the field of engineering and consultancy for conventional and renewable energy investments, determines efficient strategies and develops projects for our internal and foreign clients who wish to progress in Turkish energy market.

GY GRUP staff has practical sector experience and has enough qualifications required by energy companies and government agencies.

The aim of GY Group is to offer consultancy service to companies, who progress or want to progress in this sector, by enabling them to be involved in Turkish energy market with maximum potential by using their investment opportunities efficiently and informing them about legal reforms and administrative and technical issues.

The mission of GY Group is to provide guidance and consultancy services for our clients to reach their goals by combining our energetic, ethical and solution-oriented team with our deep knowledge and experience in the energy market, and to form an exemplary structure in the sector with our vision of a better and greener world.

The vision is of GY Group to become a leading institution which guides the sector by combining customer satisfaction with quality at every branch of energy and by taking environmental and social values into consideration for a sustainable world.